Please choose from the series below to view a body of selected works by Paul Vazquez produced between 1970-2014.
Episode 7 Series

2013-2014Episode #7 Series

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Vincent's Letter #3

2011-2012Episode #6 Series

27 acres, pond, woods, and reconciliation of the moment- old 15th c. stairs  to "letters ". Hello!
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Rose Garden

2010-2011Episode #5 Series

A visual dialogue interwoven with poetic fragments - 4000 year old Egyptian Palette to Paris and Hydra Portraits, a 15th century Tapestry to 4 Rivers and the Present. view selections

Sunspot Sail diptych

2009-2010Episode #4 Series

The interplay of history of art with the present - from a 5th century BC Greek vase painting. a Japanese drawing, a Goya painting, a reflected window, plus a child's rainbow...
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Burning Angel Painting

2008-2009Episode #3 Series

Glimpses of the Louvre (Sassetta), PA countryside (Caterpillar Raider), NYC (To and At), and my childhood (Grandfather's paper boats). view selections


2007-2008Episode #2 Series

The visual poetic process of words, color and line, adventures and reconciliation, a dialogue of all that is near and dear in the past and present.view selections

Traveller Painting

2006-2008Episode #1 Series

First chapter of the Episode Series, spanning subjects of humor, adventure and reconciliation; history and the present- a long visual narrative.view selections

the visit

2003-2005Event Series

Transition from Hydra, Greece through volcanoes, acquariums, and sleep, into smoke to old chateau in France. view selections

Hydra #20

1999-2003Hydra Series

Island of Hydra - linear, lots of stone edges, cliffs surrounded by luminous blue green sea to deep cobalt (with its own rhythmic lines - echoes of Rhodes). Take all of that, rub it together and the world is full of color! view selections

Through The Window

1997-1998Pond, Stones & Swimmers Series

Look through windows, pond full of play, friends dive from large stones, floats. Lisette is there, the house watches and laughs. view selections

River Visits Garden

1996-1997Fields, Springs & Gardens Series

The farm. In northeast PA - river visits garden, then garden visits pond. Wings see everything while sun is on the fence, and our upper field decides to join in. view selections

A Present

1995-1996Nobody Series

Nobody is a red road on the Delaware River. Everything happens - gardens, nets, jumps into traps, all discoveries mixed, incuding sun and mathematics. There is a waterfall you can walk behind. view selections

DNA and Home #3

1993-1994DNA & Home Series

DNA is everywhere, open, broken, in or out of house or corral; animals, people in color and line, all moving there... view selections

Quicksand Pool #15

1991-1992Quicksand Pools Series

What better way to get your footing, swim, ride, and play, meet an occasional iceberg, or take a ride in a space station, take along a goat. view selections

Walk With A View

1985-1991Traveler Series

A traveler goes places, takes a friend or two: you might take a ladder or a dive into flowers, create mayhem, best of all take on a DNA bridge over all that stacked color! "You've gotta like James Joyce." view selections

Garden Of ...Delights #49

1982-1985Garden of ... Delights Series

From the joy of riding and play to discovery and inventions in different languages (even if there is one expulsion). view selections

Back and Forth

1975-1982Findlay Series

Findlay Series - clear abstractions vitalized by Rhodes paintings. Here color and lines play with and against... view selections

Rhodes #33

1970-1975Rhodes Series

Rhodes Series - From NYC studio to Rhodes Greece - discovery of an 11th century painting in a small chapel. Reaffirmation - creation and procreation. view selections