Catalog Essay by Lilly Wei, NY based independent critic and curator who writes frequently for Art in America  and is a contributing editor at Art News.
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New York Poets Cooperative
University of Michigan
Earlham College, Richmond, IN
St. Marks, NYC
Book of Images and Poems, From Irony to Laughter.

MFA, University of Illinois; BFA, Ohio Wesleyan University; Parsons School of Design

Academic Career:
University of Bridgeport, CT
1967 - 1989 Professor of Art - Graduate & Undergraduate Drawing, Painting, Watercolor, Environmental Art
Coordinator and Curator of Exhibitions

Western Conn. State College, CT
1966 - 1969 Assistant Professor - Humanities, Painting

Bennett College, Milbrook, NY
1963 - 1966 Instructor, Art History
Curator of Exhibitions

Hunter College, NY
1963 Instructor, Drawing

Essay by art critic Lilly Wei

Excerpts, catalog essay

Paul Vazquez is a gifted artist shaped by Abstract Expressionism and Pop art, with plenty of other modernist tropes in his vocabulary. As might be expected, he is an ardent advocate of both painting and drawing, often “drawing” his paintings as well as painting them and vice versa…

Both of Vazquez’ styles dance to their own rhythms which partner each other nicely, part of the dialectic he establishes between drawing and painting,  figuration and geometry, black and white and color, solid and space, arrest and movement…

Vazquez is also an ardent advocate of life, as we might also expect. A well traveled man, he has inserted into his paintings one way or another all the places he has seen that have touched him. As well, people, art, buildings, trees, flowers and other objects have been serendipitously co-opted. The results are fanciful canvasses, brimful of joie de vivre and fragmented autobiography – with a nod to Matisse and Lichtenstein. In a Vazquez painting, it is the present that is vividly, timelessly before us…

A seasoned improviser, Vazquez has long trusted his instincts with happy results…

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ONE MAN SHOWS (Selected)

1968 - Museum of Art, Science & Industry, Bridgeport, CT
1970 - Galerie Biesj, Amsterdam, Holland
71-73 - Paley & Lowe, Inc., NYC
1971 - University of Michigan, MI
1973 - Harold Ernst Gallery, Boston, MA
1974 - Carlson Art Gallery, Univ. of Bridgeport, CT
1975 - Ariadne Gallery, NYC
76-80 - David Findlay Gallery, NYC
1983 - Works II Gallery, Southampton, NY
1986 - On The Wall Gallery, London, England
88-89 - Kipa Contemporary Art, London, England
1993 - Barnard-Biderman Gallery, NYC
1996 - Delaware Arts Alliance - NY
2001 - Delaware Arts Alliance - NY
2003 - Andre Zarre Gallery, NYC
2004 - Andre Zarre Gallery, NYC

GROUP SHOWS (Selected)

1967 - Allan Stone Gallery, NYC
1968 - Museum of Modern Art, NYC
1970 - Converse Art Museum, Norwich, CT
71-73 - Paley & Lowe, Inc., NYC
1972 - Univ. of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI The Figure in Abstraction
1972 - Art Institute of Chicago, 32nd Annual Contemporary Art Exhib.
1978 - Cummings Art Center, Connecticut College, CT
1978 - New Britain Museum of American Art, CT
1978 - Juana Mordo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
1978 - Hokin Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
1983 - Hartford Athenaeum, Hartford CT
1984 - Nora Haime, NYC
1984 - Jayne Baum, NYC
1986 - London Art Fair, London, England
1991 - Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Venice, Italy
1992 - Tatistcheff Gallery, NYC
1992 - Galerie Philippe Boulakia, Paris, France
1993 - Galerie Karina Piluso, Aix-en-Provence, France
2000 - Delaware Valley Arts Alliance - NY
2012 - Nutshell Gallery, NY
2012 - Delaware Valley Arts Alliance - NY